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Learning Guide

Using my personal e-mail address (, please share your experience as teachers in the Middle Grade regarding the likelihood and/or suitability for the Leaning Guide (downloadable by clicking below) in two versions (1) for students (2) for educators. 


Would it greatly assist you in bringing a modern understanding of Nature for the children into your classroom?

I sincerely need your real-world classroom competencies; I do not have personal classroom experience at that age level. If you would like to help me with this, please avail yourself of the Questionnaire that I’m happy to send you in reply. Or just send me a message; either way I am indebted to you for this assistance. Thank you.

Meanwhile, here are the stories and the essential learning points:


Don’t Mess with Lady Spider -- Niche concept and mate selection

The Disobedient Owl -- Natural selection

Why the Mighty Oak Fell -- Competition

Why the Worms Left -- Impact of humans in nature

The Coral that Built an Island -- Coral life cycle and island formation

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